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What is div#a "lite"?

Diva "lite" is Diva look sans Ajax and effects.

Specifically, it generates pages that are:

  • Tablesless or use Semantic markup
  • HTML5 compliant
  • Sans images, inline styles or presentation attributes

It makes use of:

  • CSS for themes

Differences between Diva look and Diva "lite"

A notable difference between the two D2W looks is that Diva "lite" doesn't use Ajax. So it is compatible with WebObjects 5.3.
However, CSS themes are almost 100% interchangeable between the two. This makes Diva "lite" a stepping-stone when migrating a DirectToWeb app to Diva look.

Selenium tests are basically compatible between the two looks.
However, because of the use of ajax in the full Diva look, they'll require minor changes to accommodate ajax request/responses instead of standard HTTP requests.


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