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Parallels Desktop
Solaris 10 8/07 x86 (Entire Solaris Software Group installation)
Access to an OS X Server 10.4.x machine that has the WO 5.3.3 files

WebObjects 5.3.3 installation

This section discusses how you "install" WO 5.3.3 on Solaris to use it as pure application server. You will be able to connect to WO apps by direct connect or use that machine from another machine that runs Apache with WOAdaptor.


to /opt/Apple/Local/Library/WebObjects/Extensions

Create startup scripts for wotaskd and javamonitor

To be able to use the machine as an application server wotaskd has to run. To automatically start wotaskd on startup create the file /etc/rc3.d/S110.wotaskd


To be done: Starting wotaskd and JavaMonitor under a specific user/group. As it is shown here the two apps will run with root priviliges. Another approach would be to put them into a Solaris Zone.
Also to be done: Instead of using init.d starting these services by SMF.

Using SMF To Manage wotaskd & JavaMonitor

If you are running WO in a non global Zone the lsof command will not work as the /devices directory is missing. An alternative to the above scripts are the wotaskd.smf and javamonitor.smf smf scripts attached to this page. I've tried then on a test server and they work for me but I'm a total SMF novice so use these files at your own risk.


To confirm they are working kill the running java processes and they should restart. Also you can check the logs usually in /var/svc/logs.

Installing JDBC drivers

If you want to access a database from your WO apps you have to install appropriate JDBC drivers. In this guide I will use FrontBase drivers as an example.


Reboot and you should be able to connect to a FB database from WO.

Compiling WOAdaptor and Setting up Apache

On Solaris 10 8/07 there is preinstalled Apache in versions 1.3 and 2.0. In this how-to we will compile an adaptor for Apache 2.0. It took me quite long to get the compile process right on Solaris so I changed some things and won't refer to the adaptor files in WOnder CVS. Instead get this SolarisAdaptor archive.


Please note that I don't guarantee that this adaptor works as intended. Use only at your own risk.

Running Apache

The very last step is to start apache. On Solaris use the command: