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What is ERJQuery?

ERJQuery is an alternative, pseudo-stateless Ajax framework for WebObjects applications.
It's is a jQuery version of ERPrototaculous.
ERJQuery and ERPrototaculous are mutually exclusive frameworks. In other words, you may only use one or the other.

Features include:

  • 'Organic' support for jQuery in WebObjects.
    • Light-weight dynamic elements to support jQuery
    • Transparent API that doesn't hide or abstract jQuery
    • Sans patches or extensions to jQuery
  • Use of Unobtrusive Javascript.
  • Pseudo-stateless ajax responses
  • A set of jQuery widgets.

Ajax actions and update containers are handled just like ERPrototaculous except they use jQuery instead of Prototype and Scriptaculous.

Unobtrusive JavaScript in ERJQuery

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WO:Using Unobtrusive JavaScript
WO:Using Unobtrusive JavaScript
Code Block
er.jquery.useUnobtrusively = true

jQuery WebObjects Elements

jQuery.get() has been implemented as a WebObjects dynamic element. Currently support for jQuery.get() and .load() is limited to the following:

  • jQueryGetLink
  • jQueryLoadLink

jQuery Widgets

Support for the file upload widget has been implemented as an input and as a CSS style-able container.

Embrace Statelessness!

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WO:Embrace Statelessness
WO:Embrace Statelessness

ERJQuery embraces the stateless model Ajax offers in exchange for simplifying the work WebObjects has to do - it's a win-win!

So you may observe one notable difference between ERJQuery and the Ajax framework is in the way it handles ajax responses.
In ERJQuery, updates and actions break with standard WebObjects behaviour by being pseudo-stateless just like ERPrototaculous.


ERJQuery can not be used with WebObjects 5.3 as it is dependent on the hooks for ajax added to WebObjects with version 5.4.

titleERJQuery is WebObjects *5.4* compatible only

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