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To use PostgreSQL as the persistence layer with WebObjects, you need the PostgreSQL JDBC driver and the PostgresqlPlugIn framework from Project Wonder.

JDBC Driver

A JDBC driver is required for WebObjects, just like for any Java application that talks to a database. You should download the driver that matches the version of PostgreSQL that you have installed from PostgreSQL's JDBC driver download page.


titlePostgresql 9.0+ and bytea columns

In Postgresql 9.0, the default value for bytea_output changed from 'escape' to 'hex'. I've had an issue where the value written in to the db was read out incorrectly due to this. To fix the problem in PGAdmin3, right click on your database, and select the 'Properties' context menu option. In the properties window that pops up, select the 'Variables' tab, and set the value appropriately.

PostgresqlPlugin Framework

This framework is a plugin for the WebObjects JDBCAdaptor so that it is able to communicate with a PostgreSQL database server. The easiest way to get the PostgresPlugin.framework is to install Project Wonder. Otherwise, you can download the built frameworks from the mDimension Hudson build WOCommunity Jenkins server (either Wonder for WebObjects 5.3 or Wonder of WebObjects 5.4), extract the PostgresqlPlugIn.framework, and place it in ~/Library/Frameworks. You must add the PostgresPlugin.framework to your application's build path so that it is able to find the plugin.

Using PostgreSQL in Entity Modeler (WOLips)