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Howto deploy WebObjects 5.3 or 5.4 under Windows

What you need

  • Windows 2003 Server; WIndows 2008 R2; Windows XP Professional
  • Apache 2.2
  • Java 1.5
  • a Mac with WebObjects 5.3 or 5.4 installed

Install Java and Apache

  • download and install Java 1.5 (you had to install the multilingual option).
  • download and install apache 2.2

Copy WebObjects files from your Mac

In this description WebObjects will be installed on drive C: and apache is located under c:/apache.


Code Block

Add environment variable

Under "System" add the environment variable NEXT_ROOT = C:/Apple

Installing the Apache Adaptor

Copy the file to c:/apache/modules


In some cases apache won't launch on a Windows Server system with this module.
In this case you should install the .Net Framework (3.x) on your system.

Configuring Apache

Open the httpd.conf file in c:/apache/conf and search for the line "LoadModule rewrite_module modules/" and put the following
line right befor that:


Code Block
# WebObjects 5.4: Enable the WebObjects module. Should be loaded before mod_rewrite
# LoadModule WebObjects_module modules/

# Path to the Document Root of your Webserver,
# it should contain a directory named WebObjects
WebObjectsDocumentRoot c:/apache/htdocs

# You can change the 'cgi-bin' part of WebObjectsAlias to whatever you
# prefer (such as Apps), but the 'WebObjects' part is required.
WebObjectsAlias /Apps/WebObjects

# Here are the 3 possible configuration modes.
# The apache module uses one of them to get information
# about your deployed applications.
# 1085 is the reserved port on which wotaskd processes listen to by default.

# Host List Configuration
# wotaskd is started automatically on supported platforms,
# so this is the default mode.
# The apache module gets its configuration from the wotaskds
# listed on the configuration line
# For multiple hosts:
# WebObjectsConfig http://<name-of-a-host>:<port-on-a-host>,http://<name-of-another-host>:<port-on-a-host> <interval>
# For localhost:
WebObjectsConfig http://localhost:1085 10

# Multicast Configuration
# The apache module gets its configuration from all wotaskds
# that respond to the multicast call on the subnet
# WebObjectsConfig webobjects:// 10

# File Configuration
# The apache module gets its configuration from one file
# WebObjectsConfig file://<path-to-a-xml-config-file> 10

# To enable public access to the WOAdaptorInfo page, uncomment the following line
# WebObjectsAdminUsername public

# To enable the WOAdaptorInfo page with restricted access,
# uncomment the next two lines and set the user and password
# To access the WOAdaptorInfo page with restricted access,
# use a URL like: http://webserver/cgi-bin/WebObjects/WOAdaptorInfo?user+password.
# WebObjectsAdminUsername user
# WebObjectsAdminPassword password

# To change the logging options, read the following comments:
# The option name is "WebObjectsLog" and the first value indicates the path of the log file.
# The second value indicates the log level. There are five, in decreasing informational order:
# 	"Debug",    "Info",    "Warn",    "Error",    "User"
# Note: To enable logging, touch '/tmp/logWebObjects' as the administrator user (usually root).
#       Under Windows create c:\TEMP\logWebObjects

# The following line is the default:
# WebObjectsLog /Library/WebObjects/Logs/WebObjects.log Debug

You had to restart your Apache Service to apply your changes.

Installing WOTaskDaemon as a Windows Service

Using Microsoft Windows 2003 resource kit

Microsoft provides free tools to register applications as services : instsrv and srvany.
Both are bundled with "Microsoft Windows 2003 resource kit" which can be downloaded here.


Code Block
net stop apache2.2
net stop wotaskd
taskkill /F /IM java.exe /T

Using FireDameon

You can use FireDaemon and add a new Service:
Executable: C:\Apple\Library\WebObjects\JavaApplications\wotaskd.woa\wotaskd.CMD
Working Directory:C:\Apple\Library\WebObjects\JavaApplications\wotaskd.woa(If someone find a freeware doing the same, please let us know)

To test the system you can also install WO Monitor as a service:
Executable: C:\Apple\Library\WebObjects\JavaApplications\JavaMonitor.woa\JavaMonitor.CMD
Working Directory:C:\Apple\Library\WebObjects\JavaApplications\JavaMonitor.woa

Testing the installation

Now that everything should be set up properly, it is time for a small test. First, let's look if wotaskd is working.