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  • Optimize your application so that the request is processed more quickly.
  • Use the WOLongReponsePage to handle long running requests.
  • Increase the Connect Timeout and Receive Timeout values in JavaMonitor so that the woadaptor will wait long enough for your application to provide the response.

If this message happens in other contexts (i.e. not when a request takes a long time to process) it might just mean that the user hit stop in their browser or clicked another link.


Where's my stderr!?

Wotaskd launches new WOA instances using a script called that is located in /System/Library/WebObjects/JavaApplications/wotaskd.woa/Contents/Resources/ on OS X. For some reason, this script was written to throw away stdout and redirrect stderr to stdout. This means that if you ever want to get a thread stack dump, you're out of luck. Fortunately this is an easy fix. If you edit, the stock version looks like:


Running this following command in a terminal window will tell you exactly why wotaskd is not launching...

Code Block
titleCommand to Manually Maunch Launch wotaskd
sudo -u appserver /System/Library/WebObjects/JavaApplications/wotaskd.woa/Contents/Resources/ \
-appPath /System/Library/WebObjects/JavaApplications/wotaskd.woa/wotaskd