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WireHose gives WebObjects developers the power to create fast, personalizable web portals that categorize, index and deliver any media type, like video clips, stock quotes or legacy data. It features a simple, flexible API for adding new own portal components and resource types, making it perfect for creating enterprise portals in addition to high-traffic internet sites. WireHose also has special support for creating and deploying large numbers of re-branded portals sharing some common resources, as for example in an application service provider environment, community publishing, or higher education.

WireHose Server 4.0 was released in November 2006 and is now free to download and use. This version includes new and updated documentation and most of the Layout Support framework is provided as example source code.

Main WireHose site

Download the free package

It has a new developer mailing list at the WireHose Developer Mailing List.

Starting content used with permission of Gary Teter. WireHose and the eyeball-and-arrows logo are trademarks of Gary Teter.

WireHose presentation

CodeFab made a presentation about WireHose at WOWODC 2008. You can find it here.