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Key-value coding is a way to separate interfaces and a way to flexibly access data and methods in object instances. The concept has a long history. It appeared in Eiffel, and other places as well. If you are familiar with OGNL then you will know it from there also. We'll call key-value coding KVC in the context of this page to abbreviate. KVC also exists in the Cocoa infrastructure shipped with MacOS-X, having evolved from OPENSTEP and the development tools created for it. In this page we will focus on KVC in the context of WebObjects and java.


Consider the following model segment;:

This model shows a number of entities and the lines between the entities show relationships. For example, the Organisation entity has a to-one relationship with a Worker called "workerAccount" and it also has a "to-many" relationship to "OrgRegion" called "orgRegions".