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LEWOStuff is a framework for aiding the general development of WebObjects and java software products and vertical solutions. It has been developed by Andrew Lindesay for his projects and is generally used by him and his clients. It is released under a BSD-style license and so is effectively an open-source project which can be used at your own risk. Please read the license distributed with the framework for further details on the usage of this software.

The framework has been used on a handful of application server projects which are deployed in the Australia / New Zealand region. There is presently no support for collaboration on source code, but any corrections or suggestions would be welcome. A new source distribution is generally released every few months. An overview PDF document is distributed with the framework and this covers basic architecture as well as the general functionality afforded by the framework.

Download and Info

You can obtain the most recent public distribution from the Lindesay Electric website at Click on LEStuff.


lejstuff is a java library for J2SE development which is suitable for the development of general java software.


LEWOStuff is a java framework for aiding the development of WebObjects application server development. The framework includes and extends many aspects of lejstuff mentioned above.


LECocoaStuff is an Objective-C framework for aiding the development of Cocoa client applications.

WOWODC recordings

Andrew did two presentations about LEWOStuff at WOWODC 2008 and one at WOWODC East 2009. The first one is an introduction to the framework, the second one is an introduction to the JSON-RPC classes in LEWOStuff and the last one is an real-world example of how to use the JSON-RPC service with a Cocoa applicationThis framework / library has now been discontinued.