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Before you can start developing your first WebObjects applications it is worth understanding a bit about the programming libraries that you'll be using. When you develop WebObjects applications, you'll be writing Java code and making use of the WebObjects frameworks. This book assumes that you're familiar with Java and introduces you to the WebObjects frameworks. The fundamental frameworks used in developing even the most basic WebObjects applications are covered in the Foundation section, while the powerful framework that is used to interact with databases is covered in the Enterprise Object Framework (EOF) section. Whilst WebObjects comes with very rich set of programming libraries, there are a number of open source libraries that you can make use of in developing your applications. This book introduces one such library in the Project WONDER section.

WebObjects allows you to create HTML-based web applications (see the Web Applications section), SOAP-based web services (see the Web Services section) and client-server applications (see Java-Client).

Once you start to become familiar with WebObjects you might like to explore different ways that you can develop WebObjects applications. Beginning with WebObjects 5.4, WOLips is now the preferred development tool for WebObjects, and you can also use it with WebObjects 5.3. These tools are described in detail in the Development Tools section which also covers alternative tools that you might be interested in using.


If on the other hand, you've come here because you've just noticed this weird 'WebObjects thing' in the optional extras section of the Developer Tools installer that comes with Mac OS X and you're itching to get started developing your first application, you might want to jump ahead to the Web Applications section.

State of Play (Late 2007)


  • EOGenerator, EOReporter, and DBEdit no longer work in MacOS X 10.5. Apple and the community has provided replacements to EOGenerator.