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Which is to say, if you avoid much of the power of WO, and don't use component actions, ajax will be easier. If you do use component actions - and I have yet to work on a project that doesn't - then ajax use seems like it will blow your page cache, as described below. So it really is easy to use AJAX in WO. Really easy. It's just that it doesn't work.

Wiki Markup_\[mschrag: While I agree with the above commenter that component actions provide a huge amount of power in WO, it is NOT true that Ajax and component actions are incompatible._ _[_Project Wonder's Ajax components_|Programming__WebObjects-Project_WONDER-Frameworks-Ajax]_ _directly addresses the use of component actions with Ajax in a way that does NOT blow the page cache. While it is true that the implementation of these capabilities inside of Wonder was non-trivial, it demonstrates that it is, in fact, possible, and if you use the PW components along with ERXSession, you will get this capability for free.\]_

Myth: You can't assign the name or id value of tags in WebObjects.