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  • NSArray; as defined in Foundation.h (Obj-C side).
  • NSArray; as defined in (Java side).
  • NSArray; as defined in (Java side).
  • Wiki MarkupA C array of objects (like id array\[\]).unmigrated-wiki-markup
  • A Java array of objects (like Object\[\]).

This is too much!!!! But life is life, and beter get used to them...


Once you have your woArray, you can use it as an argument in Enterprise Objects' calls.unmigrated-wiki-markup

I had not foud the way to call a Java method which has an Object\[\] array as argument. If someone reading this finds out, please let us know...

Building qualifiers

When working with EOF, there are several points when you will want to build a qualifier to perform a fetch. A qualifier is an instance of com.webobjects.eocontrol.EOQualifier. If your qualifier does not include any date, then it is as easy as