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  1. Right-click on your EOModel in WOLips and select WOLips Tools=>Create EOGenerator File.
  2. Double click on the <ModelName>.eogen icon in the Package Explorer or Navigator:
  3. In the "Models" section, add the EOModel(s) that have Entities that you want to generate Java classes for.
  4. In the "Referenced Models" section, include any other EOModels that contain Prototypes or Entities that are used or referenced by the EOModels in the "Models" section.

    Java classes will not be generated for Entities in

    these EOModels

    the EOModels in the "Referenced Models" section.

The File Names settings can be ignored unless you need to generate oddly formed file names. You will usually want to Create Packages (place the generated files in a directory corresponding to their package). It can useful to have different Destination and Subclass Destination directories. The totally generated classes in the Destination directory are not very interesting and can be tucked away out of sight.