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  • Configure your Apache to use mod_WebObjects or the cgi-bin adaptor
  • Ensure wotaskd is running
  • Set WODirectConnectEnabled to false
  • Set WOAllowRapidTurnaroundMode to false (It doesn't mean what you think it does - only useful pre-Eclipse days) - if you don't disable this then your static resources will still be served by the Java app instance and not by Apache.
  • Setup your WebServerResources folder so that it is reachable by Apache, eg by making a symbolic link from the folder CGI-Executables/WebObjects to MyGreatApp.woa in your build folder in Eclipse. Note: You may need to experiment with disabling the incremental builder setting to get build products that you can symbolic link to from the Apache root directories.
  • make sure that in your wotaskd. settings your WOHost settings is the same as in Eclipse (by default there is no -WOHost setting in the run configuration in Eclipse, you have to add that). -WOHost localhost is a nice one.
  • Profit

    Logan Allred

I've heard all the comments about Direct Connect being evil, and I've been bit many times by its quirks, but I'd like to know from those that eschew Direct Connect what their workflow is and how they benefit (especially if they use Eclipse/WOLips).