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  • Deploying on Amazon EC2

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This process starts with a clean AMI and within a few minutes, you'll see a completely setup and fully running instance of WO/Wonder. Using your own AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and your own AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY you will be able to modify the example scripts and rapidly build a fully complete and reliable deployment of your own.


To find out the Access Key and Secret Key, check this blog post.



In this walkthrough example we'll build a brand new Amazon Linux instance, running WOnder's AjaxExample and AjaxExample2 apps. To get started, grab these scripts and pop them in a fresh directory on your Mac:

  • chmod 775


  • both


  • chmod 775 both files
  • Edit both and put in your AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY.
  • Edit and comment in the appropriate line to launch in the region and AMI of choice, here is an example using a micro instance in the us-east-1 region: