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Bug "There's something called the "WOLips server", in olden days its purpose was to listen to requests on a certain port, allowing named files to be opened at a specified line number. It stopped working long ago"
Bug Line numbers keep disappearing in WOLips perspective
Bug WOLips reports fake binding errors in large components

In a Maven project, the New > WOComponent dialog does not honour destination folder chosen by right click. To reproduce:

  1. Right click any folder under src/main/components, or even just src/main/components itself.
  2. Observe that you get a "New WebObjects Component" dialog.
  3. Then:
    1. Expected: The "parent folder" tree should be expanded and the folder right-clicked above should be selected.
    2. Observed: The "parent folder" tree is collapsed, and the project's root folder is selected.

I regularly trip over this and end up with a new component in the project's root folder. I've already selected a destination folder, because I right-clicked on it. Additionally, I am reasonably sure this works as intended (that is, the right-clicked folder is shown selected by the dialog) in non-Maven projects.

Paul HoadleyBug 

In a Maven project, new .eogen files for EOGenerator are created with inappropriate default destination paths. To reproduce:

  1. Add a new EO Model in src/main/resources.
  2. Ensure "Use EOGenerator" is checked.
  3. Open the new .eogen file in EOGenerator Editor, then:
    1. Expected: Under Destination Paths, both Destination and Subclass Destination should be "src/main/java".
    2. Observed: Under Destination Paths, both Destination and Subclass Destination are "src/test/resources", which is just completely wrong.