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ant frameworks -Dwonder.patch=54 -Ddeployment.standalone=true
titleWhat this command does:
  • ant: calls Apache Ant. It is assumed that you have this already installed.
  • frameworks: tells Ant to build the "frameworks" target. This may not be needed if you already have Wonder built and installed in a location Ant can find automatically.
  • tells Ant to build the "" target. This is the target that builds both wotaskd.woa and JavaMonitor.woa. You absolutely need this one.-Dwonder.patch=54: tells Wonder to build for WebObjects version 5.4. You need this if you are building against Wonder Trunk. Some branches don't need it, but it doesn't hurt either.
  • -Ddeployment.standalone=true: argument will embed the required Wonder and WebObjects frameworks in built applications. You need this to ensure that the required frameworks are embedded in the built applications.