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Code Block
# @title the title of your task
# @description the description of your task
# @reconcile true or false; reconcile true means that all of the discovered projects are checked every time, false means it does one initial installation and then never checks for changes

Example 1


You can define one or more paths to your projects. This can either be a path that points to a single project, or a path that points to a folder containing projects. When you point to a folder containing projects, note that the importer will not scan below the direct children of the folder.

Code Block
# @title A Bunch of Projects
# @description Import a bunch of projects into this workspace
# @reconcile true

Example 2


If you use a relative path, it will be relative to your workspace folder.

Code Block
# @title Relative Projects
# @description Import a bunch of projects based on a relative path
# @reconcile true

Example 3


You can define multiple entries, with a mix of absolute, relative, and container folder references.

Code Block
# @title Individual Projects
# @description Import Wonder 2.0/5.4 into this workspace
# @reconcile true