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Currently (February 2009) the wonder frameworks, applications, etc, can be built for WebObjects 5.3.x or 5.4.x; the choice is made by using a "profile" which has the value of wo53 or wo54, e.g.:

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 mvn clean install -P wo53

This installs frameworks for WebObjects 5.3.x, some of which appear in your local repository with the wo53 qualifier:

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and most frameworks are the same for either version of WebObjects, and have nor need any qualifier.

To utilize these frameworks in a wonder supported project, one must add the correct dependency, and this will depend on which profile you want to link to. This is done by a maven "classifier", which is used to select the correct qualifier. A qualifier is part of the basic artifact coordinate system:

<major version>.<minor version>.<incremental version>-<qualifier>

For ERExtensions, this is: 5 . 0 . 0-SNAPSHOT - wo53; which selects the correct dependency for WebObjects 5.3.x. In the pom dependencies section this would be

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See also the woapplication-archetype ( ) which can create wonder supported applications or frameworks which utilize the maven standard project layout.