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WOLips has the ability to generate .java files for the Entities in your project's EOModel files. In Project Builder and Xcode, and really old versions of WOLips, you had to do this yourself by using Rubicode's EOGenerator. WOLips now has it's own built-in EOGenerator. It has a different templating engine (Velocity instead of MiscMerge)

Create and Configure an .eogen file for your EOModel

  1. Right-click on your EOModel in WOLips and select WOLips Tools=>Create EOGenerator File.
  2. Double click on the <ModelName>.eogen icon in the Package Explorer or Navigator:
  3. In the "Models" section, add the EOModel(s) that have Entities that you want to generate Java classes for.
  4. In the "Referenced Models" section, include any other EOModels that contain Prototypes or Entities that are used or referenced by the EOModels in the "Models" section. Java classes will not be generated for Entities in these EOModels