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If you are adding new code to Wonder, please use of the above prefix for your additions. If you don't know which one to use, go with "ER".

Some ground commit rules

Before EVERY commit, please make a diff and check if it's reasonable and then take care what you commit with which message.

Do NOT commit reformatted code, at the very least, do it in two steps, one for the reformat, one for the actual changes so one can see what is going on.

DO NOT commit changes in the d2wmodels when saved with RuleEditor. This should be obvious from the previous rule, but it's VITAL that these files are committed with one and one tool only.

You can do pretty much what you like in your own projects, but take EXTREME care in Frameworks/Core.

Formatting diffs

The burden is clearly on those who deliver patches to provide them in a way where you can actually see what has changed and to make these changes with minimal impact.
- Anjo Krank, 2011