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  • Use Wonder source code projects in your Eclipse workspace
    The best way to make use of Project Wonder is obviously to import the source code projects directly into your Eclipse workspace. Why would you be reading this page if that isn't what you are trying to do?! Detailed instructions are here: Working with Wonder source in Eclipse
    titleAnt Builds on your Development Machine

    WOlips' "Incremental Builder" is an incredibly helpful feature during development, but it does things that the Ant deployment build does not do. If you are either using WOLips to build your WebObjects Applications (WOLips Ant Tools > Install) or are running Hudson/Jenkins locally to do it, you must also build and install your workspace's Frameworks that your Application depends upon – including your own, Project Wonder's and any others. The standard Ant build does NOT do this for you.

  • Build and Install Project Wonder Binary Frameworks
    For building and installing the Wonder Frameworks, please see the standard Building and Installing WO Frameworks with Ant pages.
    titleUsing Both Binary and Source Code Frameworks on Your Development Machine

    If you have both Source Code projects and the built, Binary Frameworks installed, you need to make sure you build all source code frameworks that your project depends upon first. The standard Ant build does not do this for you. Ant builds only use binary frameworks so if the installed frameworks are not up to date your Ant build could fail, or worse, succeed but contain run-time errors.

  • Build Project Wonder frameworks with Hudson/Jenkins
    The ideal way to build WebObjects frameworks and applications is to use a "Continuous Integration Server" or "Build Server" like Hudson or Jenkins. This allows you to automate the often complex process of building WebObjects projects that have several dependencies on frameworks. Instructions on how to setup a Hudson/Jenkins server is are available on the Installing and Configuring Jenkins page.