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CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It's provides a mechanism to separate the presentation of your HTML page from the logical structure and content of your HTML page.

Referencing a Style Sheet

Style Block

The easiest way to include CSS in your WebObject application is put a style block in your <head> tag:

Code Block
<style type="text/css">
  table {
    border-style: solid;
    border-color: black;
    border-width: 1px;

Static Reference

Another easy way to use CSS in your WebObjects application is to include a static reference to it with:


However, if you're a WO developer, you know static resource references feel dirty. Don't worry, there are alternatives.

Project WOnder

Project WOnder provides ERXStyleSheet, which is a stateless component with a template that can generate link tags for you.

Mike Schrag's MDTStyleSheet

The following dynamic element can be used to include a stylesheet in your page. It supports the bindings "rel", "type", "href", "src", etc similar to a WOImage.

Code Block
import com.webobjects.appserver.WOElement;
import com.webobjects.appserver._private.WOConstantValueAssociation;
import com.webobjects.appserver._private.WOHTMLURLValuedElement;

public class MDTStyleSheet extends WOHTMLURLValuedElement {
  public MDTStyleSheet(String _name, NSDictionary _assocationsDictionary, WOElement _template) {
    super("link", _assocationsDictionary, _template);
    if (_associations.objectForKey("rel") == null) {
      _associations.setObjectForKey(new WOConstantValueAssociation("stylesheet"), "rel");
    if (_associations.objectForKey("type") == null) {
      _associations.setObjectForKey(new WOConstantValueAssociation("text/css"), "type");

  protected String urlAttributeName() {
    return "href";

Stylesheet Component

Here is a trivial example on how to define style sheets properties at


Code Block
LinkColor: WOString{
  value = linkColor;

LineUrl: WOString{
  value = lineUrl;

DarkHeaderUrl: WOString{
  value = darkHeaderUrl;

HeaderUrl: WOString{
  value = headerUrl;

AltUrl: WOString{
  value = altUrl;

LabelFont: WOString{
  value = labelFont;

TextFont: WOString{
  value = textFont;

MessageFont: WOString{
  value = messageFont;