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  • Modeling Inheritance with Entity Modeler

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If you are flattening a to-one relationship from the parent into the child entity, you MUST also flatten the foreign key for that relationship as well. You also MUST lock that foreign key. Your relationship will fail unless you do both these things. Furthermore, the flattening MUST be done with the "shortest hop" from your subentity. The reason for this is the way EOF expands the relationship definition vs attribute definition. In the VBear example, if the zooVID were modeled as vBearvWild.zooVID and the zooV relationship definition was vBearvWild.zooV instead of vAnimal.zooVID and vAnimal.zooV, then the expanded key path for the attribute will be vAnimal.zooVID and the expanded key path for the relationship join will be vWild.vAnimal.zooVID.