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This use of the WOOpenURL file to open a different browser than your default for development will not work in WO 5.4.X+ since WOOpenURL is no longer used for WO 5.4.X+. Auto open in browser logic is now determined by com.webobjects._ideservices._WOLaunchServices#_openURL() which calls /usr/bin/open directly


Yes, in this modern day of CSS and JavaScript, you will be productive when you choose a good browser with excellent integrated developer tools. Remember your WebObjects application responds to requests from the browser and delivers back the responses. The browser ultimately interprets your response and displays it and interacts with it. So, it is critical that you fully embrace learning when it comes to basic http protocol, http headers, the DOM, semantic HTML, CSS, javascript, etc. Unbelievably there are WebObjects developers who think they can get by knowing just java and the WebObjects Dynamic Elements and Extension WOComponents! Read on for how to get the most development productivity out of the popular browsers.