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  1. Create a "javaclientbuild.xml" file in the root of your project, with the following as its contents:
    Code Block
    <project name="javaclient" default="javaclient" basedir=".">
    	<target name="setProps">
    		<property file="${user.home}${file.separator}" />
    		<property file="" />
    		<property file="${user.home}${file.separator}Library${file.separator}" />
    		<condition property="">
    					<isset property="wo.wosystemroot" />
    					<isset property="wo.wolocalroot" />
    		<fail message="Could not find ${user.home}${file.separator}Library${file.separator}" if="" />
    	<target name="javaclient" depends="setProps">
    		<!-- project client-side classes -->
    		<mkdir dir="build/${}.woa/Contents/WebServerResources/Java" />
    		<!-- project client-side classes -->
    		<jar basedir="${classes.dir}" includes="**/client/**/*.class,**/common/**/*.class" jarfile="build/${}.woa/Contents/WebServerResources/Java/${}.jar">
    		<!-- Launch Scripts and WOBootstrap.jar -->
    		<mkdir dir="build/${}.woa/Contents/MacOS" />
    		<!-- Launch Scripts and WOBootstrap.jar -->
    		<mkdir dir="build/${}.woa/Contents/UNIX" />
    		<mkdir dir="build/${}.woa/Contents/Windows" />
    		<copy file="/Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools/WebObjects Support/" tofile="build/${}.woa/Contents/${}" />
    		<chmod file="build/${}.woa/Contents/${}" perm="ugo+rx" />
    		<copy file="/Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools/WebObjects Support/WinLaunch.CMD" tofile="build/${}.woa/Contents/${}.CMD" />
    		<copy file="/Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools/WebObjects Support/WinLaunch.CMD" tofile="build/${}.woa/Contents/Windows/${}.CMD" />
    		<copy file="/Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools/WebObjects Support/WOBootstrap.jar" tofile="build/${}.woa/Contents/WOBootstrap.jar" />
    		<copy file="/Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools/WebObjects Support/" tofile="build/${}.woa/Contents/MacOS/${}_Client" />
    		<chmod file="build/${}.woa/Contents/MacOS/${}_Client" perm="ugo+rx" />
    		<copy file="ClasspathClient.txt" tofile="build/${}.woa/Contents/MacOS/ClasspathClient.txt" />
    		<!-- D2JC only -->
    		<copy file="user.d2wmodel" tofile="build/${}.woa/Contents/Resources/user.d2wmodel" />
  2. Right-Click on your project, and select Properties.
  3. Click on "Builders" on the left side.
  4. Click the "New" button.
  5. Select "Ant Build" and click "Okay".
  6. Name it "Java Client Incremental Builder"
  7. Under the "Main" tab, click "Browse Workspace".
  8. Click on your Project, and select the javaclientbuild.xml file you created in step 1, click "Okay".
  9. Under the "Refresh" tab, check "Refresh resources upon completion." and select "The project containing the selected resource"
  10. Under the "Targets" tab, set "javaclient" for "After a 'Clean'", "Manual Build" and "Auto Build".

    It will show up as "<Default Target Selected>"
  11. Click okay to close the Builder Properties window.
  12. Make sure your new Builder is checked and executes AFTER the WOLips Incremental Builder, otherwise it will error.
  13. Click "Okay" to exit Project Properties.