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  1. WOProject-Maven

    This is the home page for the Maven Plugins space. Maven >= 3 is recommended. See Maven download. See Maven release notes for further information. Note: on mac you can use macports to install. See the Quick Start tutorial. Note: Maven 1 is no longer supported. Maven 2 will work, but resolves dependencies to the latest
    WOProject / WOLipsAug 21, 2011
  2. Maven Goals

    For an uptodate list of goals invoke maven: (Don't forget to install the maven plugins first. See Installing the Maven Plugins.) maven woframework:taskdef maven woapplication:taskdef maven wounit:taskdef maven wo:taskdef There is no special target to build a WOFramework. jar:jar does the trick. Migrated to Confluence
    WOProject / WOLipsAug 21, 2006
  3. General Maven Documentation

    Why use Maven? Maven Principles Getting Started Articles Maven Getting Started Guide An introduction to Maven 2: How applied best practices can optimize the Java build
    WOProject / WOLipsApr 20, 2016
  4. Maven Creating Wonder Applications

    Creating Wonder Applications using Maven m2eclicpse Under Construction but still a good starting point If you want to use Wonder in your applications (and why woundn't one) you must be correctly setup with: eclipse wolips > see tutorial about installation and operation. Maven > see the Maven Quick Start tutorial
    DocumentationApr 04, 2009
  5. maven-wolifecycle-plugin

    Description "mavenwolifecycleplugin" is a plugin for development of WebObjects applications and frameworks in the context of Maven. Lifecyle Lifecyle maven plugin for WebObjects projects. For the moment, this project is based on the existing ant stuff. This plugin does need configuration. Example WOFramework From
    WOProject / WOLipsFeb 09, 2007
  6. maven-archetype-woapplication

    Maven project to immediately feel at home in another Maven project. The advantages are analogous to adopting a sitewide lookandfeel … development in addition to the Maven Standard Directory Layout. myapp pom.xml ` src ` main java ` my ` group
    WOProject / WOLipsNov 17, 2008
  7. Quick Start Maven Settings Configuration Guide

    Configuring Maven for use with WOCommunity artifacts Before start using Maven, you have to configure it in order to use the plugins provided by WOCommunity, or specifically the woproject. General Maven configuration is made in a settings.xml file. This file can be found in a folder called .m2 in each user's home
    WOProject / WOLipsAug 14, 2011
  8. Packaging WO Applications as true WAR with Maven

    resources must be package as a jar. It is easy to configure Maven to do this: <build> ... <resources> ... <resource> <targetPath>Resources</targetPath> <directory … : Filtering variables with Maven (OPTIONAL) Maven supports variable substitution during build time. It is called resource filtering. You can find more information
    WOProject / WOLipsAug 03, 2009
  9. Building the wonder source code with maven

    These Maven built directory frameworks are slightly different than the ant built directory frameworks. For example, the Ajax framework has dependencies on json, and the ant built Ajax.framework includes a jabsorb1.2.2.jar, whereas the Maven built Ajax.framework does not include this jabsorb1.2.2.jar. This is, of course
    WOProject / WOLipsMar 25, 2009
  10. Maven Create WO Application Project

    to your local repository as described here. For more information about how to configure Maven to build WebObjects applications, see this tutorial. Step 1: Create New Maven Project Select the m2eclipse wizard to create a new Maven Project. Step 2: Select the Project Location Choose the project location for your project
    DocumentationOct 03, 2010