Download the WireHoseServerX.X.dmg disk image to anywhere on your system, and double-click it to open. Inside you'll find the WireHoseFrameworks.pkg installer, which will guide you through installing the WireHose frameworks onto your system. You'll need an administrator password to run the installer.
Inside the WireHoseServerX.X disk image you'll also find a folder called WireHoseExtras, which contains sample files and source code. Drag this folder anywhere you like (such as your home directory).

What gets installed where


;WireHoseBase:Enterprise object model, business logic and utility classes; required for any WireHose application
;WireHoseEngageSupport:Optional access control framework
;WireHoseLayoutSupport:WebObjects components, direct actions and session and web application helper classes
;WHFrontBasePrototypes, WHOpenBasePrototypes, WHOraclePrototypes:Database attribute definitions
;WireHoseWOBuilderBindings:Xcode project and dummy framework to help WebObjects Builder properly display WireHose component bindings


;WireHoseLayoutSupport:Common images


;Developer:Templates you should put into ~/Developer
;Documentation:API documentation, developer overview, database setup, tREADME, etc.
;SampleCode:Sample applications and frameworks
;SampleData:Sample XML data, mapping models and SQL setup scripts

Starting content used with permission of Gary Teter. WireHose and the eyeball-and-arrows logo are trademarks of Gary Teter.

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