A WOForm will generate a <form></form> HTML tag. The content of the form has to be enclosed between the opening and closing WOForm tags. If your application or frameworks Application and Session classes inherits from ERXApplication and ERXSession (eg, you have a "full" Wonder project), WOForm is replaced by ERXWOForm (see related documents).


WOForm { [action=aMethod; | href=aURL;] [multipleSubmit=aBoolean;] ... }



"Static" URL specifying where the form will be submitted. Use this binding if submitting to stateless resource. For stateful resource, use the action binding.


Action method that's invoked when the form is submitted. If the form contains a dynamic element that has its own action (such as a WOSubmitButton or a WOActiveImage), that action is invoked instead of the WOForm's.


If multipleSubmit evaluates to true , the form can have more than one WOSubmitButton, each with its own action. By default, WOForm supports only a single WOSubmitButton.

Additionals bindings are available if your project inherits from Project Wonder.


Java methods

In the Java code of your component, you could set the methods or variables used for the bindings.



Inline bindings (WOOGNL)

<wo:form enctype = "multipart/form-data">

Related documents


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