ERD2WWizardCreationPage and the subclass ERNEUWizardCreationPage are page-level components for editing an entity in a wizard-style user interface. The attributes to edit (including attributes of related entities via relationships), and even page and section titles are all provided by the rules file.

Assume there is an entity Employee, with a to-one relationship contactDetails to an entity ContactDetails. The following rule:

100 : (task = 'edit' and = 'Employee') =>
displayPropertyKeys = ("[Page 1]","(Personal Details)",firstName,lastName,"[Page 2]","(Address)",

will create a wizard with the following properties:

  • Two pages, entitled "Page 1" and "Page 2"
  • Page 1 will have a single section entitled "Personal Details", with fields for firstName and lastName attributes.
  • Page 2 will have two sections, "Address" and "Contact", where each of those sections will have fields for the attributes of the ContactDetails entity retrieved via the contactDetails relationship as listed in the rule above.

The changes are saved after hitting the Save button on the final page.

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