There are preferences one can turn on in Eclipse that are useful but may not be turned on my default.

Issue: Too many alerts from eclipse saying that files are out of date
Workaround: If you find yourself needing to manually refresh files in projects, you can turn on the 'Refresh automatically' preference. To find it, go to the Eclipse->Preferences... menu, click on the "General->Workspace" section.

Issue: Changes have been made to the EOModel but EOGenerated code is not updated
Workaround: If you add a new EOModel to a WO project in eclipse, then a 'Use EOGenerator' checkbox will be checked by default. But then, when one makes changes to the model, those changes will not be automatically reflected in the class files for your entities. You will have to open the context menu on the ".eogen" file and select "EOGenerate" from the menu. You will not have to do this, however, if you check the 'Auto EOGenerate on build' checkbox. To find it, go to the Eclipse->Preferences... menu, open the WOLips section and click on the Build sub-section.

Issue: There are too many spurious HTML warnings in WOComponents
Workaround: You can disable the display of some warnings. This is useful, for example, if you have the Wonder projects open in your workspace. You can go to he Eclipse->Preferences... menu, open the WOLips section, click on 'Binding Validation' and uncheck 'Show HTML Temnplate Errors' or some of the other options.

Issue: When a class name is highlighted in java source, suggestions show too many or the wrong packages
Workaround: One can filter out specific packages or one can filter out packages by regex in the eclipse Preferences. Go to Eclipse->Preferences->Java->Appearance->'Type Filters'. See a screenshot of the preference pane at