This application (SimpleBlog) was used as a backdrop for my presentation at WOWODC. I hope that it can (and will) serve as a nice bridge into D2W for people as the examples have generally been either too easy or too difficult. If you read your way through the commit history, you'll see some of the decisions that were made as the app was developed. I hope to describe the process in further detail either in screencasts or a written tutorial.


  • new EOModel example with migrations and initial data added
  • admin interface to the model
  • public UI to read and comment on blog posts
  • writer's interface
  • ERXNavigationMenu example with different tab configurations depending on the user role logged in
  • ERModernLook 100%
  • non-D2W page component wrapped in ERModernLook pagewrapper
  • Custom css stylesheet added to the application and made accessible by rules
  • example user authentication
  • business logic where it ought to be (I hope!)
  • example of wrapping an Ajax component (CCRating) for use in D2W
  • example configuration for tiny_mce for textarea editing using ERDEditHTML
  • example using ERDControllerButton and its delegates
  • stripped down Factory class from BugTracker to explore

You can read more about SimpleBlog in the readme at the link above.

Feedback and questions welcome!

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