AjaxDroppable represents the second half of the drag-and-drop implementation in Ajax framework. AjaxDroppable also uses a WOComponentContent, so any content that you would like to appear in the drop target should be inside of the AjaxDroppable's webobject tags.

An example of the Scriptaculous drag-and-drop is available here.

Wonder Bindings

  • id (required) - the ID of the Droppable element
  • elementName - the name of the HTML element to wrap the Droppable, either: "div" or "span"
  • droppedDraggableID - the draggableID of the Draggable that was dropped on this Droppable
  • action - the action that is fired when the drop occurs
  • droppedObject - the object that was dropped (if droppableObject was bound on the AjaxDraggable)

Scriptaculous Bindings

Scriptaculous Documentation

  • accept
  • containment
  • hoverclass
  • overlap
  • greedy
  • onHover
  • onDrop
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