AjaxAccordian provides a wrapper around the Rico framework's accordian control. A demo of the control is available here.

The WO version consists of an AjaxAccordian component that contains a series of AjaxAccordianTab components. See the AjaxExamples example project for more information on the CSS styles that can be applied to the tabs.

Note: The actual component name is spelt with an 'o' ie) AjaxAccordi*o*n and AjaxAccordi*o*nTab

Wonder Bindings

  • id - the ID of the accordian element

Rico Bindings

  • expandedBg
  • hoverBg
  • collapsedBg
  • expandedTextColor
  • expandedFontWeight
  • hoverTextColor
  • collapsedTextColor
  • collapsedFontWeight
  • hoverTextColor
  • borderColor
  • panelHeight
  • onHideTab
  • onShowTab
  • onLoadShowTab


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