Using m2eclipse and woapplication-archetype

The tutorial below supposes you already have installed m2eclipse plug-in. You also have to copy the archetype catalog to your local repository as described here. For more information about how to configure Maven to build WebObjects applications, see this tutorial.

Step 1: Create New Maven Project

Select the m2eclipse wizard to create a new Maven Project.

Step 2: Select the Project Location

Choose the project location for your project.

Step 3: Select the WebObjects Application Archetype

Select the Local catalog.
Choose the WebObjects Application archetype as the template for the new project.

Step 4: Define the Project Properties

Define the properties that best describe the new project (groupId, artifactId, version and package).

Note: use the SNAPSHOT suffix in project's version to identify as in development version.
You also have to provide 3 specific properties of woapplication-archetype.

  • WebObjectsVersion: the WebObjects version.
  • WonderSupport: type 'yes' to add support to Wonder or 'no' otherwise.
  • TrueWarSupport: type 'yes' to add the configuration required to build the application as true WAR or 'no' if you want to build as WOA.

Finish and you have a WebObjects project following the Maven standard layout.