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  • Florijan Stamenkovic's JBND Framework which is a pure Java library made to ease the creation of Java Client applications complete with full documentation and an example application. It was first created to streamline making pure Swing Java Client applications for WebObjects. However, JBND's architecture allows the expansion of the library to include other UI systems, as well as other persistence stores. Currently, JBND comes with full support for connecting Enterprise Objects Frameworks (EOF, the data layer of WebObjects) and Swing user interfaces.
  • Paolo Sommaruga's JPBinding which is a WebObjects framework that allows building WebObjects Java Client (not D2JC) without the use of Interface Builder and nib files. JPBinding uses a xml file to describe the bindings between the view objects (buttons, tables, text fields, etc) and the model objects (EODisplayGroup, EOAssociation, etc.).
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