Client code:

private static final EODistributedObjectStore dos = (EODistributedObjectStore)(EOEditingContext.defaultParentObjectStore());

	*	Invokes the remote method on session to get a named fetch specification. Needed because
	*	the whole eoaccess package is excluded from the client side frameworks.
		@param	spec	Fetch specification name.
		@param	entity	Name of the entity for which the fetch specification is for.
		@return	The fetch specification, or null if it is not in the model, or an error occured
	public static EOFetchSpecification getFetchSpecification(
		String spec,
		String entity){
		return (EOFetchSpecification) dos.invokeStatelessRemoteMethodWithKeyPath(
			new Class[]{String.class, String.class},
			new String[]{spec, entity});

Server code, in the Session class:

	*	Loads and returns an <tt>EOFetchSpecification</tt> objects for the given
	*	specification and entity name.
		@param	spec	Name of the specification
		@param	entity	Name of the entitiy
		@return	A fetch specification, or <tt>null</tt> if it is not found, or an
			error occurs
	public EOFetchSpecification getFetchSpecification(String spec, String entity){
			return EOFetchSpecification.fetchSpecificationNamed(spec, entity);
		}catch(Exception ex){
			return null;

courtesy Florijan Stamenkovic

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