How to test a Diva app with Selenium

In a 100% ajax world it becomes more than necessary to maintain a set of tests for your application.
Here's how to get started with Selenium testing a Diva app.


  1. Add the WebObjects ERSelenium framework to your project build path Libraries.
  2. Create the folder Selenium in the project Resources directory.
  3. Place your Selenium tests in this folder
  4. Enable the ERSelenium test-runner by adding SeleniumTestsEnabled=true to the command-line arguments of the app (or to the Properties file).

You will find an in depth explanation of creating Selenium tests for WebObjects here.


The semantically rich markup of ERDivaLook makes it easy to write maintainable Selenium tests

Running Selenium Tests

Launch your application in development mode (i.e with er.extensions.ERXApplication.developmentMode=true).
Then click on Run Test link in your page menu:

Next you will see the ERSelenium test runner:

You may run the entire suite of Selenium tests or run them individually by clicking on the buttons marked by the oval.

See also: Selenium