The GVC Frameworks evolved from projects implemented by GVC [Global Village Consulting] for over 10 years. One of the most recent projects that use these frameworks is GVCSiteMaker, an Open Source CMS that allows non-technical users to create highly customized websites and web databases.

The following are some of the main frameworks included in this release:

GVCEOFExtensions - Provides loads of Enterprise Objects Frameworks (EOF) additions and custom qualifiers.

GVCEOFValidation - Provides enhancements to standard EOF validation, including code-free, customizable, localizable validation messages and more extensive validation.

GVCFoundation - Contains Foundation extensions such as Boolean, Date, BigDecimal, String, NSArray.

GVCEOPrototypes - Contains standard set of Enterprise Objects (EO) prototypes that can be used for multiple frameworks and WebObjects applications. It currently supports prototypes for DB2, FrontBase, JDBC, MySQL and Oracle databases.

GVCGenericObjects - Contains classes designed for easy lookup, localization and archival of objects.

GVCSecurity - Contains classes that provide security or different access rights for users or groups in a WebObject's application.

GVCVirtualTables - Contains classes that provide a virtual representation of database tables which can be accessed via Key Value Coding (KVC).

GVCKerberos - Contains a simple wrapper class around some of the functionality in the WedgeTail JSCI Kerberos classes. It implements a very simple Kerberos authentication of a user ID and password.

GVCMail - Contains convenience classes for sending email messages and support for fault tolerant sending of bulk messages.

GVCWOExtensions - Contains extensions to WOApplication, WOComponent, WODirectAction, WOSession and other AppServer classes.

GVCJNDIAdditions - Extends the JNDI adaptor to support secure communication with an LDAP server. Transport Layer Security (TLS) provides a mechanism for ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of the transferred data.

The GVC Frameworks were developed in parallel with Project Wonder so you will find a lot of duplication in the extensions to Foundation, EOF, and WO areas. But there is a lot of unique stuff too and alternative implementations of things like localization. Eventually this might all get merged into Wonder, but that is a lot of effort and we are busy now.

Download from [SourceForge]- see File Releases.

Beta versions from

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