Put the following in the superclass for your components:

   private String anchor;

   public void appendToResponse(WOResponse response, WOContext context) {

      if (anchor != null) {
         response.setHeader(context.componentActionURL() + "#" + anchor, "location");
         response.setHeader("text/html", "content-type");
         response.setHeader("0", "content-length");
         anchor = null;
      } else {
         super.appendToResponse(response, context);
    } // appendToResponse
    public String getAnchor() {
        return anchor;
    public void setAnchor(String s) {
        anchor = s;

In the component where we want to use an anchor you just put in

<a name="myanchor"></a>

 and something like the following in the code where we want to jump to this anchor:

protected WOComponent doSometingAndJumpToAnchor() {
     // do something :)
     return null;
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