There is now a wizard under New>Project for WOnderD2WApplication

1. Make sure you have the latest Wonder frameworks. Go here if you don't:

2. Install the Wonder Frameworks in /Library/Frameworks on MacOS X.

3. Open Eclipse.

4. Right click in the Package Explorer and select New>Project.

5. Find WOnderD2WApplication under WOLips WO 5.1 and 5.2. (You'll need a recent version of WOLips for this wizard).

6. Name the project and select the workspace where you want it to be created.

7. Don't select any project dependencies.

8. Now you'll have to add an EOModel to the project for testing. The easiest way to do that may be to add the JavaBusinessLogic framework. That is used for Apple's WO tutorials, so that is what I am going to do.

If you add your own model, you will likely need to add it to your Resources subfolder for it to be built properly. If you put it at root level, your default settings likely won't pick it up.

9. Right click on the folder marked WO Frameworks. Select configure...

10. Find the JavaBusinessLogic under "Local" and select it. Press finish. You may need to configure the connection dictionary in the framework.

11. If you create your own model, make sure that you also add the correct plugin for your database to the project.

12. Select the project and right click it. Select Debug as WOApplication

13. Select Application from the resulting dialog.

14. You should have a ERD2W application starting up.

15. Once you have logged in you'll also have access to a several links to debugging features (ERD2WDebugFlags, Editor for Localizable.strings) in your PageWrapper component so that you can see some details while your application is running. For this to work, your application must be in development mode (this is a simple boolean check to see if a property has been set or not).

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