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  • Configuring ERDEditPassword and ERDEditPasswordConfirmation
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Using the Edit and Confirm Password components with D2W

These are two useful and easy to configure components to use in your sign up pages with D2W.

ERDEditPassword and ERDEditPasswordConfirmation

The final result will be two password edit fields that make the user type their password twice to confirm that they typed what they intended:

The configuration:

1. Set up a dummy propertyKey for your Password Confirm field since it won't be a real attribute in your database (in this case "confirmPassword"):

100 : pageConfiguration = 'SignUpPerson' => displayPropertyKeys = ("login", "email", "password", "confirmPassword") [com.webobjects.directtoweb.Assignment]

2. Make sure that you include both components on the page - one for the password propertyKey and the other for the confirmation propertyKey

100 : (pageConfiguration = 'SignUpPerson' and propertyKey = 'password') => componentName = "ERDEditPassword" [com.webobjects.directtoweb.Assignment]
100 : (pageConfiguration = 'SignUpPerson' and propertyKey = 'confirmPassword') => componentName = "ERDEditPasswordConfirmation" [com.webobjects.directtoweb.Assignment]

3. Set the property for ERDEditPassword passwordConfirmationValidated to true:

100 : (pageConfiguration = 'SignUpPerson' and propertyKey = 'password') => passwordConfirmationValidates = "true" [com.webobjects.directtoweb.BooleanAssignment]
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