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  • Breaking an Edit page into sub tasks
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Starting with a simple EditPage:

We want to end up with two tabs. General info and Security. Currently, I have a rule:

100 : (pageConfiguration = 'InspectPerson' or pageConfiguration = 'EditPerson') => displayPropertyKeys = ("firstName", "lastName", "abbreviation", "login", "password", "isActive", "showsHelpText", "checkBoxGroup1", "checkBoxGroup2") [com.webobjects.directtoweb.Assignment]

We need two rules one for subTask and one for tabSectionsContents.

100 : (pageConfiguration = 'InspectPerson' or pageConfiguration = 'EditPerson') => subTask = "tab" [com.webobjects.directtoweb.Assignment]
100 : (pageConfiguration = 'InspectPerson' or pageConfiguration = 'EditPerson') => tabSectionsContents = (("Info", "firstName", "lastName", "abbreviation", "login", "password", "isActive"), ("Permissions", "showsHelpText", "checkBoxGroup1", "checkBoxGroup2")) [com.webobjects.directtoweb.Assignment]

The Right Hand Side Value are two arrays:

("Info", "firstName", "lastName", "abbreviation", "login", "password", "isActive"),

("Permissions", "showsHelpText", "checkBoxGroup1", "checkBoxGroup2")

The first element of the array will be the label for the tab. We end up with:

and the second tab:

There is also the ability to add labels/separators by adding another element to the array like this:


(("General", ("Info", "firstName", "lastName", "abbreviation", "login", "password"), ("Is Still an Employee", "isActive")), ("Permissions", "showsHelpText", "checkBoxGroup1", "checkBoxGroup2")) 

which gives us:



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