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You'll often need to work with 3rd party Jars, as well as your own reusable code.

Adding these to your project is very simple.

  1. By default WOLips will create a Libraries folder in your project directory. Populate this with any jars you like.
  2. In Eclipse, right-click (or ctrl-click) on the jar and choose Build Path > Add to Build Path. This simply adjusts your project classpath but doesn't affect your final build.
  3. For frameworks, you should turn on the Export checkbox in the build path window as hown below in Fig. 1. Doing so ensures that other WebObjects projects the reference the framework "see" the jar library in their Eclipse build path.

    Fig. 1 Export jars when in a framework

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  1. We need to explain how to "export" JARs that are in frameworks so that you can use them in other projects inside Eclipse for development.