Just a heads up folks.

Given that the Wonder_5_0_0_WebObjects_5_4_Branch was referred to as 'experimental' at one point I've taken that as permission to do drastic things (smile)

Well, not really drastic, maybe just a little drastic.

I pulled all of the non d2w components out of ERModernDirectToWeb (where they didn't really belong) and renamed and stuffed them into the fetchingly monikered ERCoolComponents framework. This means that the ERModern* frameworks and any apps built with them now have a dependency to ERCoolComponents. I've done my best to hunt down and update all references to the old component names in the existing components and rules, but...

Please test your projects against the new branch when you get a chance and let me know if anything breaks horribly for you.

On the upside, there are a bunch of components in ERCoolComponents that aren't hidden away in ERModernDirectToWeb any longer.


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