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WOCompile Task Manual

This has been transcribed by Andrew Lindesay from the old WOProject site.


WOCompile is an Ant task to build WebObjects Java source code. It is a WO-friendly extension of Javac Ant task.


There are no special parameters. The documentation for the Javac applies.

Nested Elements

The nested frameworks is a FrameworkSet structure that specifies the names of the WebObjects Frameworks needed to compile the source code. The jar files from these frameworks will be added to the WOCompile CLASSPATH.


<taskdef  name="wocompile"  classname="org.objectstyle.woproject.ant.WOCompile"/>

<wocompile srcdir="Java" destdir="classes"
   <frameworks dir="${build.root}">
      <include name="JavaWOExtension.framework"/>
      <include name="ER*.framework"/>
      <include name="PRLogic.framework"/>
      <exclude name="ERNeutralLook.framework"/>
   <frameworks dir="${wo.localroot}">
      <include name="Mysql*.framework"/>
      <fileset dir="Libraries" includes="**/*.jar" />
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