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  1. Add your custom EOGenerator Templates to your project by creating a new folder in the root of your project and putting your custom templates in it. Name it something descriptive like "Templates", "EOGenerator" or "EOGenTemplates"

    EOGenerator templates do not need to be included in your built application so it's best to keep them out of the Resources directory or any other place that is automatically included in the built application. It shouldn't hurt to include them, but there is simply no need to.

  2. Open the .eogen file you want to use the custom templates and in the section marked titled "Templates" change the values for:
    1. Template Folder - the folder you just created
    2. Template - the template file that will create the file
    3. Subclass Template - the template file that will create the file.
  3. Save and close the .eogen file
  4. Right-Click your .eogen file and select EOGenerate... to get freshly generated classes

"Auto Generate on Build"

You can tell WOLips to automatically trigger the EOGenerator to run the generation process every time the incremental builder is kicked off by turning on "Automatically Run EOGenerator" in the Eclipse Preferences.

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