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WOLips EOGenerator (VEOGen)

  • Mike Schrag's Templates
  • ERCoreBusinessLogic templates showing off the "Clazz" pattern
  • Oswaldo Bueno's FetchSpecification Addition
  • Pierre Frisch's Templates w/sPearCat Additions
  • Pierce Wetter's addition to count to-many destination objects without loading all the destination objects.
  • David Avendasora's Java Client Templates & EOGenericRecord classes
  • Florijan Stamenkovic's JBND-aware Java-Client Templates
    There are only Client-Side Class JBND-specific templates. You can use any Server-Side Class templates you wish.
  • Ravi Mendis' basic (proof-of-concept) Scala Templates
  • John Huss' complete SCALA Templates (basically a translation of the java WonderEntity template with the addition of Option accessors for optional properties)

Rubicode's Legacy EOGenerator (WO 5.3 and before) - Obsoleted by OS X Leopard and WO 5.4


The original EOGenerator will not work with OS X 10.5 or higher since the Cocoa-Java Bridge framework has been deprecated. You should only use it for compatibility with older projects. All new development should be done with the Velocity EOGenerator built into WOLips.

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