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This initial list was populated from Pascal's email. Add/change/delete/do:

  • take care of the Web site, including the WO apps that drives it
  • managing the WOCommunity server (mainly doing updates) 
  • animate the Facebook group and Twitter accounts
  • work on the wiki and the tutorials
  • maintain the Linux RPM packages
  • write content for the Association's newsletter (max 6 newsletter per year)
  • release the WOWODC podcasts
  • edit the WOWODC 2013 recordings
  • making the Wonder releases
  • checking for references about Wonder/WebObjects on Twitter and other places, and act on it when needed (like the NSBrief thing)


  • writing the Wonder Cookbook
  • reworking the JavaScript framework so that it will be easier to have multiple UI frameworks
  • working on WOLips (currently, we only have one person working on it, even if it's important piece of the ecosystem)
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