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Please rate your WebObjects knowledge




































Where do you go for WebObjects information and help?

API (JavaDoc) documentation for WebObjects and/or Project Wonder


The wiki


Mailing lists


Search engines


Practical WebObjects book from Chuck Hill


WOWODC videos/conference


Apple's WebObjects documentation (excluding JavaDoc)


Safari WebObjects extension


Learning the Wonders book3%

Which version of Eclipse are you using?

















Not using Eclipse



What is your wish list for Project Wonder and WOLips?

More modularization of Project Wonder. Make Maven our primary build environment.

Manage of multitenant
Wonder Framework for mobile push technology

Better working together to make the WOLips IDE better in Eclipse 4.2 ...

Keeping WOLips in synch with Eclipse

being able to use the latest Eclipse version

A native UI

That it never goes away.
Also, I wish all the WO documentation was located in one place.

Better deployment and scaling tools.

A very, very, very elementary tutorial, or mini tutorials for absolute beginners. I have not had success with the few I started, something always bogs down, probably because of my setup, versions, or whatever. So, more on the correct setups for starters. There was this Movie Database that I got the farthest on. I actually got a G4 laptop and used the older 3.6.2 to go back in time to try and use it. Anyway, something like that would be nice for nubes.

Better Support for JQuery, Bootstrap

Relevance in modern web development options

More users?

Better release engineering and project governance would be great, but I suspect the community is too small now to be able to do this.

A more robust commit and review process, introducing more certainty into fresher builds.

Full Eclipse 4.3 support. I think we need to move past 3.7. Also, I think JavaMonitor needs some freshening up.

more info on D2W and also on serving JSON to iOS apps


Release an OpenSource Version of WebObjects. My Main-Company don't want to use WebObjects because it is not supported by apple any more. If it would be OpenSource and there were new Releases of WebObjects mayby i would be able to get them to WO.

Modeller for EOModels like an UML-Modeller

Opensource version of WO (without code from Apple)

WOLips got not much love anymore

organizational structure with specific people so Project Wonder is not only an organization on the paper but on the doing side

cleanup of the community jenkins server

better website to make it easier for new users

Better road-map for future; Better documentation and examples; Easier to find documentation; Making it easier for all community members to contribute.

Make an Open Source version of WebObjects.

WOLips - it's not trivial or even possible in many cases, but searchable bindings / KVC references in the same manner as eclipses "Call Hierarchy" would be pretty amazing.

i.e. searching the Call Hierarchy of myEntity.myMethod() would pick up myOtherEntity.valueForKeyPath("relationshipToMyEntity.myMethod")

more examples

- More visibility in the (Java) World
- graphical EOModeler. I do have ideas but lack the time to implement things as I have no idea about writing eclipse plugins

happy jQuery integration

Enhancements to AjaxDatePicker
Enhancements to EOModeler under Eclipse 4.2

More videos of common tasks (similar to Hello World with a database that creates itself using migrations)

Better documentation

I'd love to see a jqery-based ajax framework.

simple install process that works every time

WOlips on Eclipse 4.x

Updated WOLips. It has fallen behind Eclipse and there are several long standing bugs that have not been fixed.

We need to sell the technology, not just document it. For example needs to look more like or More punchy, let like a wiki

anything helping improving application performance

Ajax.framework using jQuery instead of prototypes

To continue to improve on the best application server development system available. There is a lot of great work going into it but it still needs to be made easier for beginners

ongoing support of newest Eclipse version
tricking Apple into releasing newer WO versions

WOLips to be fully compatible with latest eclipse. Currently I get intermittent error messages for stuff that isn't errors.

That the tools remain current and relevant.

Get the WOLIPS running on IntelliJ.

Or better yet, development in the browser directly would be most awesome.

Also, get WO 100% open source!! No more WO jar nonsense!!

Complete integration of jQuery, jQueryUI & jQueryMobile... possibly Sizzle. Basically something that you can take any set of UI templates from places like theme forest and hack out a really nice interface in very little time, and apps that can be re-themed at runtime.

Also would like to see a space dedicated to shared code... along the lines of the old WO-Code site. Where the community can put up snippets or even fully functioning apps, and everyone can comment / review. Not enough good examples out there to learn from, and nobody has enough time to write standalone examples... but we all have a ton of code to pull from for specific examples or patterns we use. i.e.

More updates, more features and more and better DOCUMENTATION.

ERD View of EOModel

An Ajax framework that doesn't clash so much with JQuery

Get back to Objective-C.
Get in touch with Apple.

Be relevant again.

- Update WOLips modeler to better handle changing of column and attribute name, right now you have to use tab to tab between fields
- Integration of jQuery into Project Wonder
- DOCX generation integration

For Project Wonder:
Proper documentation of what frameworks and examples of how those can be used.

GUI tool for preview of html or integaration of some existing WYSIWYG.

- Keep it usable as long as possible (follow Eclipse evolutions, java releases)
- Have a unique source for documentation (really upset by the several wikis, you never know if you are reading up to date info)
- A D2W version for mobile devices?

WOlips needs some help to put it on cleaner future path.

- Ajax jQuery Framework
- Better documentation / example of Ajax Framework
- Further development of WOLips

It’s hard to say. In my experience of the recent years, as I was a beginner, I spent a lot of time to get a clear point of view of what is the WebObjects core and what is part of the ProjectWonder framework. So a major part for me was learning. For each new requirement I thought that quite likely I’m not the first person who tries to realize it with WebObjects and ProjectWonder and so I looked in the documentation to find an existing or best practices solution. Mostly I found what I was looking for but sometimes, mostly in the view / front-end part, I’ve not found exactly what I needed.

So after the years of learning and experiences I like the way to use the WebObjects and ProjectWonder framework as back-end to provide all the server side functionality with all the incredible stuff in there and JavaScript frameworks to realize the dynamic part of the front-end. For the client part I’m interested in JavaScript frameworks like jQuery and Ember.js and front-end frameworks like Bootstrap.

I don’t know well the Project Wonder roadmap. In my mind it would be nice to keep focused on the server side, e. g. providing and consuming REST services.

Easy installation 
Easy configuration for "not Direct" on development platform

Do you want to make contributions to Project Wonder and/or WOLips? If yes, which one(s)?

 Build system, modularization.

 Ajax and mobile frameworks

 ERRest, ERPrototypes, ERExtensions

 Help to get away from the apple-Code (legacy)
Help to write an EclipsePlugin for a graphical Modeller
Where ever Help is needed.

 Opensource migration

 removal of old and deprecated code

 mainly bugfixes and small features

 documentation, course books, ref guides

 Better documentation ;-)

 I'm contributing bugfixes for ERModern for now.


 When I develop components that I am able to release and would be useful to the community, sure.

 already did, and will whenever I'm doing something that fits in

 I make contributions to Wonder when I can. I would be interested in how WOLips all goes together but fear it would be too much work to be able to get to the stage where I could make contributions to it. However I am interested in trying.


 Yes, I would live to help port WOLIPS to IntelliJ.

If you have a project to re-implement WO as 100% open source I would also be willing to work on that as part of project wonder...

 Still trying to figure that out... I would love to help out but have always had a hard time figuring out where to jump in. I think having a bunch of super brains on top of Wonder makes it somewhat intimidating for the average dudes to stick their hands up.

 Develop (pilot) projects, once it is back on Objective-C.

 I like the idea but it is hard to find the time.

 Cannot contribute much code (I am not a good enough programmer). I want to contribute documentation, and can make (limited) funding for WOLips.

 wolips and maven

 Any other comments?

The WO community is small, but it has lasted. We are brothers (and sisters) in the together -- fight on, and triumph over poorly written alternatives.

I have been helped by people from the mailing list several times.
I just wish to thank all the members of the WO community.

What a wonderful environment and community. The only area I wish there were a little more info on how to achieve scalability with webobjects (e.g. what is the best database setup? Clustering?). Not just optimization, but true plug and play scalability.

I was interested in this because if it is good enough for Apple to use for itself, it must still be viable.

I keep abreast of WO out of nostalgia for when it was relevant. Even though modern techniques are so tedious & laborious, WO has lost relevance in the face of them. Having used EOF, I will never be able to learn Hibernate or JPA because I cannot suppress my gag reflex long enough. Unfortunately, trying to use WO on a job is like trying to convince someone of the relevance of steam power over their new Corvette.

Wish whole stack were open-source.

Keep Project Wonder WOLips and WebObjects going on. I love the work you are doing to keep WO alive.

Unfortunately I am only able to use WO on side projects at the moment, so I don't get to spend much time using WO, let alone contributing to the community. Maybe that will change some day.

(Almost) everything fine

We use WO/WOnder/WOLips, moving away is not yet planned (that I know). I thinks this software is really well made, well structured, well designed. I also think that we misused it too much so that we gave it bad reputation (too many core logic implemented directly in components class), we made it hard for newcomer to integrate on our team. The lack of a real presentation layer make every project that I start look for a real presentation framework (I'm so bad writing css/html). Ideally I would love to have a WO backend and a nice front-end … the promise of WO-REST & some client framework … but so far nothing emerged as a winner.

Some of us still have Puma dev systems and Tiger deployment servers and are maintaining WO451 woapps. Yes, really. Still.

It is just too hard to find turnkey, low-cost WebObjects hosting. I have turned off my last WO service because of this, and no longer use WO.

You guys really have done a great job with the frameworks. Puts much of what I see in the Microsoft world to shame.

I love all your guys work and Web Objects, but I think the increasingly awkward WOLIPS install and reliance on creaky eclipse is hurting it... That and lack of 100% open source implementation of WO is hurting it in a lot of ways (less community contribution, evolution with newer techniques etc)

A current/updated version of a WOCode app could be the first app to be written for my previous suggestion... would be fun to story anyway.

Left WebObjects a couple of years ago for Scala and Playframework.

I love WO it is just awesome!

A little worried about the size of the community.

Get back to OpenBase and FrontBase. 
Focus specifically on the DB product.

Frankly the state of web development nowadays is pathetic and sad compared to WebObjects in its heyday. It seems to me that the frameworks and tools are intended to be overly complex as a cheap ploy for job security. It's like Lord of the Flies. And it makes me sick.

Thanks for all the effort you guys are putting in.

Thanks to all project wonder contributors!

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